March 2, 2008

Muller/Lima Wedding @ the Fairmont SJ

For anyone from the San Jose area, the names Lou's Village(Muller family) and Lima Family are two very familiar ones. In fact, I would say they are institutions. We were very lucky to be able to work with Kristina Muller and her girls at the Fairmont for her evening wedding to Joe Lima. I can not wait to hear how the reception went!

This was so much fun for us because it was a very elegant evening affair. It allowed us to do work that was more dramatic than we usually do. This was also the first time we worked with the amazing Kristina Taheri. What a fantastic coordinator she is. I was able to get all of the info I needed when I needed it and she was always available via phone or email. As a wedding vendor, this is such critical stuff. It really lets us service the bride the way she should be serviced. So, Kristina, thank you:)

We also had the pleasure of working with Deanna Graham. She is such a skilled, professional and calm person. Three traits that you want to see in a wedding photographer! Since the wedding was just yesterday I haven't seen anything yet. I am really looking forward to previewing the shots.

Here are a few snaps that I took myself. As soon as I get some from Deanna I will add them as well.