October 21, 2009

Julie at The Preserve

The Santa Lucia Preserve is tucked away in the hills behind Quail Lodge in Carmel. You would never know it existed unless you had a reason to go there (as well as a pass to get through the gate). Wild turkeys and deer roam along the pastures as you wind your way through the roads to get to the Hacienda where your bride is waiting for you to get her ready.

On this day we had Julie waiting for us. She is a sparkly and friendly gal who we were really looking forward to hanging out with. All of her maids were equally great as they listened to Colbie Caillat and drank champagne.

This was another wedding that came to us through Allison Van Every of Allison Weddings. The photographer was Anna Kuperberg. She was great as you can see from these photos.

The fun and the challenge for this wedding day prep was that I wanted to keep Julie looking natural, but her makeup had to hold up to her emotions. Julie was so intensely excited that day and everything was making her cry. These were really really happy tears, but tears never the less. I am so happy to announce that she looked fantastic at the end of the night!!

October 20, 2009

Katy in Big Sur

Our beautiful bride Katy was my first wedding since having the baby. I was so happy and relieved to be working with such a wonderful family that it was an excellent re-entry into the mad/crazy wedding world :-) Allison Van Every with Allison Weddings was the coordinator and the person responsible for connecting Katy with us. Allison did an amazing job! The beautiful photos that you see here are the work of Scott Campbell Photography. We have had the pleasure of working with Scott many many times. I would describe him as a cool character who never gets flustered (at least never shows it!) The day started at the Ventana Inn. If you haven't been there I would highly recommend it. Rolling hills of lavender and native plants give a feeling of calm. Talk about an idyllic location for getting ready for a wedding! The morning was really easy with everyone hanging out, eating breakfast, drinking mimosas and listening to music. Karen (my amazing hair designer) and I felt like we were old friends with everyone by the end of the preparations.